AWA Tree Planting Initiatives


Since 2008, the AWA, in partnership with Solebury township and the Bucks County Conservation District, plus over 100 volunteers from across the community, have helped plant over 1,200 trees along streams and tributaries in upper reaches of the Aquetong watershed in Solebury.


The goal of past and future tree planting projects in the watershed is to revitalize the forest and riparian buffer near the headwaters of the Aquetong Creek, helping to prevent erosion, provide shade to cool the stream water, and improve the habitat for fish and wildlife.  

These planting projects were made possible by a TreeVitalize ( grant program sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. TreeVitalize provides plant material and deer protection to leading conservation and community organizations. The Bucks County Conservation District is instrumental in guiding and supporting these programs at the local level.

Communities throughout southeastern Pennsylvania are working hard to restore trees to riparian and urban areas through the TreeVitalize program. Recently, the program expanded statewide with a goal to plant one million trees across the Commonwealth in the next five years.

Solebury Township is engaging in a long term project to restore the creek on its Aquetong Spring Park property and the surrounding forests while creating recreational trails and outdoor activities open to everyone

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