The History of the AWA

How we started

In 2007, Malcolm and Elaine Crooks took the initiative to apply for a DEP Growing Greener grant to create the AWA. They soon realized that to do what the grant application said, they needed to find willing and able neighbors who would band together to make the AWA a reality. So, Malcolm got on the phone. 

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Why We Started

The mission of the Aquetong Watershed Association is to conserve, preserve and protect the natural resources of the Aquetong watershed. 

The Association was formed because we firmly and passionately believe the Aquetong watershed needs a “voice”.

OUR early achievements 2007-2009

  • Malcolm and Elaine Crooks apply for a DEP Growing Greener grant and create the AWA
  • DEP Growing Greener grant awarded ($6,408)
  • Articles of Incorporation filed
  • Constitution and by-laws created
  • Non-profit status 501(c)3 achieved
  • DCED grant received ($5,000) to develop website
  • DEP GG grant application awarded ($47,000) to conduct an assessment of the watershed
  • TreeVitalize grants acquired to plant trees

OUr Projects and Programs