AWA’s mission is to conserve, preserve and restore the natural resources of the Aquetong Watershed.

AWA's Strategic Imperatives

Conserve, preserve, and restore the natural resources of the Aquetong Watershed.

  • By assessing and monitoring the condition of the watershed
  • By implementing projects for individual, group, business, and governmental participation


To maintain and enhance its quality and beauty.

  • By promoting a greater appreciation, understanding, and awareness of the watershed
  • By encouraging sustainable ecological practices
  • By advocating proactively on issues/ developments affecting the watershed


To sustain the organization.

  • By promoting the organization
  • By building a strong membership and volunteer base
  • By securing a sound financial foundation
  • By developing the Board and outlining a succession plan for future leadership
  • By partnering with other watershed associations, government and environmental agencies, and conservation groups.


    Watershed Monitoring

    • Goal: Monitor and document the restoration of the Aquetong Creek through the Aquetong Spring Park
    • Goal: Develop a watershed monitoring plan
    • Goal: Review and compile previous assessments and provide recommendations for the future of the watershed 


    • Goal: Develop and maintain relationships with public and private entities
    • Goal: Address major issues impacting the watershed as they arise
    • Goal: Encourage Solebury and New Hope to achieve deliverables in their Comprehensive Plans regarding watershed, water, and sewage issues     

    Organizational Sustainability

    • Goal: Inform, motivate, and encourage the community to conserve, preserve, and restore the Aquetong Watershed
    • Goal: Promote awareness of the importance of protection and preserving watersheds
    • Goal: Annually grant a Malcolm Crooks scholarship to a deserving high school senior   

    Citizen Engagement

    • Goal: Improve organizational effectiveness, structure, and membership participation
    • Goal: Develop annual goals for each of the coming years and communicate them to our membership
    • Goal; Develop a sound succession plan and committee structure with more volunteer participation
    • Goal: Maintain our data depository 

    Effective Communication

    • Goal: Improve method and effectiveness of communication to the Directors, membership, and community
    • Goal: Redesign and update our website to be more current and easy to maintain 

    Download AWA's 2018-2022 Strategic Framework

    Banner photograph provided by Donald Schoenleber.