The Aquetong Watershed Association (AWA) is a voice for the Aquetong Creek and the people who live and work within the Aquetong Watershed in Solebury Township and New Hope Borough in Pennsylvania.


Since 2007, the AWA has partnered with residents, civic organizations, public officials and governmental entities to preserve and restore the natural resources of the Aquetong Watershed. Through education, monitoring, restoration and advocacy, we take action to promote sustainable ecological practices that maintain and enhance the Watershed's quality and beauty today and for future generations.

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The Aquetong Watershed Association has granted the 2019 Malcolm P. Crooks Honorary Scholarship to Ms. Jessica Steinberg!

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Aquetong Creek Watershed


The Aquetong Watershed is a small rural watershed located in the Aquetong Valley in New Hope and Solebury Pennsylvania. Measuring just 7.6 square miles (4,864 acres). It is classified as a High Quality-Cold Water Fishery by the PA Department of Environmental Protection, underlain by limestone and dolomite geological formations. In the Lenape language, Achewetonk was the name of the village that was near the spring, and this was later adapted to ‘Aquetong.’

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    our Projects and Programs


    Through advocacy and environmental restoration events such as road-side clean ups, tree plantings, stream monitoring and invasive control initiatives, the AWA has served as the voice of the Aquetong Watershed for Solebury Township and New Hope Borough communities since 2007.

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